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Optimal health for your optimal self

Introducing OptimallyMe. An at-home blood test kit with a difference - your very own personalised, scientifically-backed, interactive dashboard. Our platform helps you discover exactly what's going on inside your body – so you can test, track and optimise your way to a healthier you. Ready?

We’re reinventing how we do health

For too long, understanding our health has been expensive, complicated and time-consuming. But here’s the thing: your body shouldn’t be a mystery. Health is our greatest asset. We’re giving you the tools to optimise it, with data on a deeper, more personal level.

Your levels are okay, but could be better.

Fantastic, your levels are optimal!

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3

1. Analyse

Order your kit, and within 72 hours you’ll have access to tests that cover up to 50 different biomarkers.


2. Personalise

Answer expertly-created questions about your lifestyle and connect your health apps and devices. 


3. Optimise

Get scientifically-backed recommendations from your dashboard, entirely personalised to you.

Welcome to OptimallyMe
Order, test, optimise: see the full OptimallyMe journey.

Say hello to the health data you deserve

You’re one of a kind. We get that. That’s why we’ve created a world-first: scientifically-backed insights, built specifically for you and brought together in a single, helpful dashboard. Nobody’s built like you. With OptimallyMe, you’ll gain the tools to know better, learn better and live better.

Discover your personal optimum

We’ll help you understand the right amount of exercise, nutrition, rest and supplementation for you. Want to see how your liver’s doing? We’ll show you. Need an update on your hormones? We’ve got you covered. Fancy learning more about your gut health? Consider it done.

With OptimallyMe’s level of customisation, you can make the most of living. It’s time to do health differently. Start optimising, today.

  • Access life-changing insights

    Benefit from test results that come with an easy-to-use, straightforward online health platform. No confusion. No complexity. Just recommendations you can actually implement.

  • Science made simpler

    OptimallyMe pairs leading, secure technology with scientifically-backed expertise to help you move your health forward.

  • Optimised health, your way

    Your way is the healthiest way. Every insight, supplement or exercise we recommend is entirely tailored to your body’s individual needs.

Your health is in safe hands

Ready to get to know your health?
Starting from 2-3 days delivery
  • Access to insights online
  • UKAS accredited lab partners
  • Fully encrypted data