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It’s time to do health differently. This time, it’s personal.

Exercises 2 times a week
Suffers from anxiety and lack of sleep
Smart watch is connected
Eats red meats often
Drinks alcohol weekly
Smokes daily
Oura ring connected

Yes, you do matter.

Our expert recommendation system provides personalised health advice based on your lifestyle habits. Through a short self-assessment, we get to know you better. This enables us to share only what’s most relevant to you, providing precise and concise insights into your health and how you can optimise it.

Learn more about your overall health and well-being.

Effortlessly connect your smart device(s) to your OptimallyMe profile, to track your health progress even more accurately. You may discover potential issues, uncover trends and patterns or identify areas for improvement that would otherwise be difficult to detect. Combined, your test results, health data, and daily habits can help you gain valuable insights, enabling you to take proactive steps to optimising your health.

Garmin Venu 2
Oura Ring Gen 3
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Google Fit
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Blood test result
Connect your favorite health devices

Improving your health doesn’t get any easier than this.

It is visible every day, and yet difficult to understand: Your skin.

We want to change that. MirrorMirror™ gives you the power to optimise and improve the health of your skin. This is a mirror that does more. This is a mirror that helps you understand your skin on a deeper, more personal level and prevent problems before they happen.

Your health is in safe hands.