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Health is changing. This time, it’s personal.

Eat less carbs and more healthy fats
Walk 10,000 steps a day.
Get enough sunlight

Your cholosterol levels are high!

Yay, you’ve synced your smart watch data with your profile

Your Vit D levels are low!

Great, your cholesterol levels are optimal now

Chances are, your personal health journey hasn’t been the easiest so far. Generic information, conflicting advice and disconnected data - sound familiar? We get it. That’s why we decided to do something about it. Welcome to OptimallyMe.

Accredited & secure.


Our story

Sick and tired of feeling sick and tired? It’s time to do health differently.

Our story began in 2019, when our entrepreneurial founder, Ed, took his health into his own hands. His energy and mood levels were low and he wasn’t getting the same results from exercising as he used to. So, he was on a mission. He took food intolerance, DNA and blood tests, tried multiple supplements and tracked everything over time. Inspired, he gathered a world-leading medical and scientific team to give more people the power to do the same.



We started looking for answers

Why is it so hard to find out exactly what your body needs? That’s when it hit us. Health is personal. Really personal. But the information shared with us about our health isn’t - it's generic. That’s when we decided to take action - and end the age of 'average'.

Introducing OptimallyMe

A science-backed, 100% personalised health dashboard to help you understand and improve your health. Based on prevention rather than cure, OptimallyMe is here to keep you fully informed, updated and connected to your health.

As seen in:

Backed by industry leaders at the top of their game.
  • Dr Uma Naidoo
    Nutritional Psychiatrist (MD)
    Pioneering Harvard-trained psychiatrist, professional chef, bestselling author and award-winning Nutrition Specialist. Founder and director of USA’s first clinical Nutritional Psychiatry service.
  • Luke Donald MBE
    Pro Golfer & Former World Number One
    Captain of the winning 2023 European Ryder Cup Team, returning as captain for 2025. 5 time PGA tour champion, 7 time DP World tour champion. Famous for his precision and sportsmanship.
  • Dr G W Shepherd
    AI Engineer (PhD)
    Co-founded pioneering AI business (G Squared Capital, acquired by US-based Fortune 500 co.); World Economic Forum Global Leader; UN sustainability award.
  • Dr Liv Kraemer
    Dermatologist (MD, PhD)
    Board-certified dermatologist. Focus on cosmeceuticals, cosmetics, aesthetic and preventative dermatology. Worked in Europe, the UAE and at Columbia University.
  • Dr Evelyne Bischof
    Longevity Physician (MD, PhD, MPH)
    Columbia and Harvard- trained Professor with a focus on preventative and precision medicine, biogerontology and use of AI in biomedical research. Author of 40+ peer-reviewed papers.
  • Dr Andrew Steele
    Leading Scientist & Longevity Specialist (PhD)
    Author of Ageless: The new science of getting older without getting old. PhD in Physics from Oxford; worked at the Francis Crick Institute, using AI to decode DNA and predict heart attacks using patients’ NHS medical records.
Meet our HealthTech team.
  • Mina Stanisavljevic
    Product Research & Developer (BSc Biology (Hons), MSc Bio-business)
    Specialist in Molecular Biology and Physiology. Holding a Bachelor's degree in Biology and a Master's degree in Bio-business, bringing a unique blend of scientific expertise and business acumen.
  • Anu Munkhtur
    Health & Fitness Coach (BSc Kinesiology, MSc Sport and Exercise Science)
    Fitness coach and Sports Scientist, holding a Master's degree in Sport and Exercise Science and a background in Kinesiology, specialising in Fitness and Wellness Coaching. With experience as a Fitness Coach, Personal Trainer, and Nutrition Coach, Anu combines scientific knowledge with practical coaching to create personalised and effective fitness solutions.
  • Kiara Lipschitz
    Dietitian & Nutrition Coach (BSc Dietetics (Hons))
    As a Registered Dietitian and Nutritionist, her expertise encompasses strategies for weight management, gut health, and addressing lifestyle-related chronic diseases. With a Bachelor of Science in Dietetics and additional certifications in Biotechnology and Health Behaviour Change, she's committed to advocating evidence-based nutrition practices and sustainable weight loss solutions.
  • Fouzhan Shadidi
    Biohacking Health Coach (BSc (Hons) Biomedical Sciences, MSc Clinical Drug Development)
    As a Biohacking Health Coach with a Bachelor's Degree in Biomedical Sciences and a Master's Degree in Clinical Drug Development, Fouzhan's goal is to help individuals understand their bio-individuality and health biomarkers from the inside out, in order to holistically optimise their health, and achieve 'bioharmony'.
  • Gounay Zort
    Operations & Technical manager (BEng Engineering, MSc Engineering Management)
    With a background in Aerospace engineering and a master's degree in engineering management, Gounay shifted his focus to health during the pandemic, serving as an NHS Covid-19 Response Service Agent and then managed operations at a supplement company, gaining hands-on health industry experience.
  • Lefteris Teperikidis
    Subject Matter Expert, PharmD (Doctor of Pharmacy), Clinical pharmacist specialising in emergency medicine.
    Lefteris brings over 15 years of experience in health technology, specialising in the development of cutting-edge healthcare automation tools. Trained as a pharmacist, he transitioned to become a director of Medical Affairs for over a decade, overseeing commercial strategy in various medical fields.
  • Dr Liam Piggott
    Clinical Lead (MB BS, BDS, BSc Hons, MRCGP, MRCS Ed, FRACGP)
    Meet Liam, an experienced professional holding qualifications in both medicine and dentistry. With a diverse background, Liam brings extensive expertise in family medicine, urgent care, and various hospital specialties. His contributions extend beyond clinical practice, encompassing internationally published research, as well as significant involvement in medical education and clinical supervision.
  • Oliver Green
    Technical Lead
    Oliver, a seasoned IT professional with 20+ years' experience and excels in navigating diverse sectors like Financial Services, Publishing, and Retail. His expertise lies in evaluating tech requirements and implementing tailored solutions, crucial in Health Tech's dynamic landscape and he is adept at developing IT strategies, managing budgets, disaster recovery, and infrastructure projects.
  • Tetiana Sarancha
    Medical UX designer (from Spaceberry UX/UI design studio)
    Tetiana is a dynamic professional with a unique blend of expertise and Master’s degrees in General Medicine and Computer Science. With a robust foundation in healthcare she specialises in crafting intuitive interfaces for medical products.

Optimal is not just an empty phrase for us. It needs clever minds.

When it comes to living, your health really is everything. We’re creating a world full of promise. Full of the power to access and understand our own health. To make the most of this journey. We can’t wait to see what you do next.


Guess you’ve been there?

  • All you see is complex babble.

    You have been feeling frustrated, because understanding your health has been a longwinded journey full of information that’s hard to understand and do something about. You care deeply about your health and don’t mess about when it comes to learning about it.

  • Your greatest treasure is made of flesh and blood.

    Your health means everything to you, because your quality of life depends on it. Learning as much as you can about your health and staying in the know matters to you, because it means you have the power to optimise your health.

  • You’ve been treated like everyone. But you’re not everyone.

    It’s been far from personal. It’s been a one-size-fits-all approach. You find it incredibly frustrating, because you’ve had to do SO much research to learn about what your body needs to feel your absolute best.

  • Your path to ideal health feels like an impenetrable jungle.

    You want to learn how to optimise your health. You want a different way, an easy way, a personalised way. You need something that will help and guide you on their life-long journey with your health. You want less confusion and more clarity. Your want actionable information that makes perfect sense to you.

  • You want later years with lots of sunshine.

    You want a future that gives you the best quality of life and longevity. A future where you feel good, look good and can do all the things you love to do for as long as possible.

That’s why we built OptimallyMe