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Who are OptimallyMe?
OptimallyMe was founded by an AI-expert (with 20 years of experience within AI and multiple previous AI companies) and successful serial health entrepreneur, alongside a team of healthcare professionals, technical experts and healthtech specialists. OptimallyMe is also supported by an incredible advisory board of industry leaders guiding growth, including Dr. Liv Kraemer, Dr. Evelyne Bischof, Dr.Andrew Steele and Dr.Uma Naidoo.
What is OptimallyMe?
A revolutionary healthcare service, OptimallyMe offers at-home blood tests with health results and actionable steps to optimise your health, on a personalised AI digital platform. With over 25 different tests available, including tests for wellness, fitness, specific conditions and DNA analysis, we’re leading the charge in personalised healthcare to provide insights and recommendations for a whole range of health needs and goals. We believe that you can’t start making effective changes to your health without understanding what’s happening inside your body – and we have the tools to help you reach optimal health and your optimal self. Website
Why choose OptimallyMe?
OptimallyMe isn’t just an at-home blood testing service. Our revolutionary personalised AI dashboard means that your results are just the beginning – not the end. Within your unique dashboard of results, each biomarker that you test for will show comprehensive information about where your health currently stands, with tailored-to-you recommendations on how to optimise your health. Combining your health data with information that we know about you and your lifestyle, you’ll only receive recommendations and insights that make sense for you. As you test more, test again, and optimise your health, your dashboard will keep growing so you can track your progress over time. Our dashboard is also compatible with wearable fitness trackers and able to be downloaded or accessed wherever and whenever, so you can share your information with GPs or specialists if you need to. Our platform transforms your health data into personalised, actionable insights, leading to optimal living – however that looks for you.
What are blood biomarkers?
Biomarkers are measurable substances, genes, or characteristics found in your blood that give us critical insights about our health. From genes to proteins, these biomarkers provide information that can diagnose diseases and conditions, predict health outcomes, alert us to inflammation or help us adjust treatments. They’re key to letting us know if our health is optimal or if we need to start adjusting things like our diet or lifestyle, and how.
Is OptimallyMe safe?
Yes, OptimallyMe is safe. Safety is our highest priority, whether that’s in developing our tests with your health in mind or protecting your data. OptimallyMe is MHRA registered, UKCA certified, BSI ISO 13485 certified – all vital when it comes to healthcare. We’re also a homegrown UK company, with our headquarters, warehouse and labs all located in the UK.
Can I trust AI in healthcare?
Absolutely. AI, being a relatively new technology, can sometimes be viewed with caution – but at OptimallyMe, our AI is just an advanced tool for enhancing personalisation and precision in your health journey. Our AI technology is carefully developed and continuously updated by a team of health specialists, including GPs, pharmacists, health coaches, endocrinologists, dermatologists, AI health specialists and more. This ensures that the insights and recommendations you receive are not only based on advanced algorithms, but are also grounded in professional medical expertise. The role of our AI is to analyse your unique health data and give you tailored-to-you information and recommendations. It's about making your health insights more relevant, personal, and actionable in ways that work for you and your lifestyle. Our AI serves as a bridge between cutting-edge technology and human medical expertise, offering you a level of personalised health guidance that’s truly revolutionary in healthcare.

What's included?

  • Personal health assesment

  • Personal recommendations

  • Dashboard to monitor health

  • Learn about biomarkers

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About this test’s biomarkers

A blood biomarker is a substance or characteristic that can be measured in a person’s blood to indicate the presence or severity of a disease or condition. Biomarkers can be used for early detection, diagnosis, prognosis, and monitoring treatment effectiveness. Examples of blood biomarkers include proteins, genetic mutations, and hormones.

Designed for Self-discovery
Health is Fascinating
Learn about the health implications of each of your test results and what it means for you.
See Your Optimal Ranges
Normal results don’t equal optimal levels. We use the latest peer- reviewed research to identify the optimal ranges for your test results so you can lower your risk of death and disease.
Fully Understand Your Lab Tests
Comprehensive information on everything you need to know about each of your biomarkers in your lab results.
Visualise Your Health
A heatmap that helps you identify any problems quickly, access health information quickly and easily and stay on top of your health.
Integration with Wearables
Connect your devices and track and monitor all your health data in one place to stay on top of your health and identify any issues early on.
Track Your Results
Implement the personalized suggestions and track your levels to see your improvements.
Get Diet, Lifestyle, and Supplement Suggestions
Receive personalized and natural recommendations to optimize your health based on your labs.
Health is Fascinating
Learn about the health implications of each of your test results and what it means for you.
How it works.
  • 01 Prepare
    Lay out everything in your kit and follow our step by step guide.
  • 02 Prick
    Warm up your hands, clean your finger then pierce it using a lancet.
  • 03 Fill
    Let the blood droplets fill the tube to the top line then close the cap.
  • 04 Send
    Label the tube, prepare the box and then post it on the same day.
Please fast for 8 hours before collecting your sample (drinking water is allowed). Collect your sample on a weekday, Monday through Thursday, in the morning.
Please make sure to collect and return your sample on the same day.
Also, collect your sample at least 8 hours after consuming food and drink. It is important to follow the advice of your healthcare provider regarding fasting, especially if you have any medical conditions.

Your health is in safe hands

Your data is in safe hands.
We use the latest encryption technologies and continually assess our GDPR-compliance.
Frequently Asked Questions
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In these cases, we will issue you a refund of your order value after deducting £10. This is to cover the cost of the kit and postage.