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Multiple Test Kits in the Same Household

If you purchased multiple test kits for your household, some special notes:

  • Each test kit can only have one unique email address associated with it when registering. Everybody in your household, will need to have a separate and unique email address to register their test kit.

  • If you ordered more than one test kit for different members of your household (such as spouses, siblings, parents, or children), be sure that the test kits are identified for each individual after online registration is complete. This is important because the sample collection tube(s) are associated with the Sample ID. We recommend writing down each person's name on the outside of each test kit to avoid mixing up test kits, sample collection tube(s), and ensure the Sample ID matches the registered email address.

    Please note that you will not be able to switch test kits with someone else after registering a test kit. OptimallyMe requests separate and unique email address to create an account for each household member to prevent confusion on which test results belong to which household member.

    In addition, it is not possible to register multiple Sample IDS for multiple people within a single, individual account due to privacy and GDPR requirements.

  • If you accidentally swap test kits or anything inside of a test kit (such as the sample collection tubes or shipping envelope), your sample(s) will need to be discarded and a replacement test kit ordered. There is a processing fee for ordering a replacement test kit that can be in this refund policy.

    OptimallyMe cannot fix "swapped test kits or contents" due to GDPR requirements.

  • For shared computers, be sure to log out of OptimallyMe account when using a web browser and registering different test kits. Web browser cookies will enable automatic login to last account accessed if you do not logout. Because of this, you may answer someone else's Health Assessment if sharing the same computer. Always logout after accessing your OptimallyMe account on shared computers.

    To ensure you are logged into your account, always check the name on the upper left hand side of the account page. When finished, always log out of your OptimallyMe account whether on a laptop or desktop computer.

    A helpful tip is to use different computers or different browsers with each household member. OptimallyMe supports Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Edge.

If you have any questions about the test kit registration process, to verify if a test kit is registered correctly, or to ensure that the Sample ID and sample collection tube IDs match, please contact customer service by clicking here.